Asamblea Ordinaria

Asamblea Ordinaria (translated to Regular Assembly) is a meeting for the dissemination and critique of art. Taking place monthly from August 2016 to September 2017, Asamblea Ordinaria invited artists living in Bogotá to talk with other members of the community, in different spaces, about their ongoing projects.
Asamblea Ordinaria emerged as a space for face-to-face discussion outside of the academic context.

The last Asamblea Ordinaria was done at the MAMBO over two different days under the name Asamblea Ordinaria: Incerteza Viva. Within the framework of the 32nd Sao Paulo Biennial: Incerteza Viva, artists, collectives and cultural managers  were invited to participate in the sessions of Asamblea Ordinaria, in which projects in progress were socialized, in dialogue with the conceptual premises and the works of the exhibition from the Colombian context. 

This project was created in office 504 of the San Martín building by Laura Aparicio, Daniela Cárdenas, Daniela Silva, Mariana Jurado and Nicolás Vizcaíno.