Conexión casual/causal

Solo Show and ongoing project

Casual / causal connection is the result of an investigation into the "black holes" / "wiki-hole" on the internet. The search started with the word column in Wikipedia and explored its different hyperlinks, generating a chain of causal information. For the exhibition Comunismo Ornamental, (curated by Paraíso Bajo), a column was installed in the laundry room of an apartment (an improvised and non-intentional white cube) . This column was adjusted to the ceiling height with materials that were within reach and around the house, replicating the architectural finish of that space.

La obra Conexión casual/causal es el resultado plástico de una investigación sobre los “hoyos negros”/”wiki-hole” en internet. Comencé buscando la palabra columna en Wikipedia y exploré sus distintos hipervínculos, generando una cadena de información causal. Para la exposición de Paraíso Bajo, Comunismo Ornamental, se instaló en el cuarto de lavado de un apartamento (un cubo blanco hechizo) una columna con materiales que estaban a mi alcance, replicando la arquitectura residual de ese espacio.

Conexión casual / casual
Instalación de dimensiones variables
Comunismo Ornamental


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ongoing from 2016 to 2017

Solo Show in La Vitrina of University of Los Andes