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As a social media manager and content creator, my mission is to support clients in their efforts to position and promote themselves online.
My data-driven approach, my background in fine arts, and passion for video, photography, and graphic design fuel and guide my whole process.

In short, my goal is to make your online efforts more successful, more personal, with a flexible approach fine- tuned to your industry.

This can look like:
1. A complete social media strategy
2. Content package for your social media channels
                                                            *(or both!)

Prep Stage
       First meeting
       Research and defining the main objectives
       Explore the production possibilities according to budget
Production Stage

       Implementation of what was agreed upon
       You get the final product(s)
        These could be:
        ~ a social media strategy;
        ~ a content calendar;
        ~ a batch of content for social media channels;
        ~ online persona guidelines and platform best practices, etc.
Evaluation and Data Analysis
        Performance analysis
        Adjustment and fine-tuning of all objectives
       Reports with KPI evaluation

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